Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Let Petra Productions make you a mini-documentary for your website

This is a grant funded mini-documentary that I made for Art Alley in Lansing, Michigan's historic Reo Town. I filmed various activities at the gallery over a two month period of time this past winter, and then encapsulated the footage into a 5 minute video. It was a pleasure working on this project. I love the spirit of the neighborhood and was surrounded by fun loving Lansing artists and community organizers.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Exciting News

Aloha and Many Thanks to Su, from StarSunflower Studio for giving Petra Production's Blog a Stylish Blogger Award. I appreciate your support. What a great way to start the New Year!

Su and I met through Flicker, when she was creating a website for Dunegrass Music Festival. Petra Productions provided some photography for the website. I have found Flicker to be a great resource. Just this past year my page helped me get a few clients and I received feedback about my photographs from around the World! What fun!

To learn more about Su and her company StarSunflower Studio visit:


To accept the award I have to do a few things including sharing Seven things about me: No problem, I love the number 7!

1. I love to travel. I never travel without a camera or two. ( Video and Photo) I’ve been creating travel diaries and photos essays about my adventures since I was a kid. This led to the creation of Tree Hugger Travel, a source for earth and cultural loving travelers on a budget. Check out the website, on it you will find videos, photos, travel tips, Seven Suggestions, and a Global Foot Print Calculator.


2. I just began playing the Ukulele and absolutely love it. I’m in a class with several of my friends and we formed a band called, Ben and the Ukulele Ladies! I have a Concert Ukulele and my favorite songs to play this week are Hallelujah, Wagon Wheel and Love is a Rose.

3. Petra Productions is a small business that I own and operate. I’ve been storytelling with cameras and words since I was 11. I have had many different types of jobs from community organizer, puppet maker, research assistant, video production teacher, social worker, and educational video producer. I’m proud that my work has helped support local groups, non-profits, artists and people like you. My dream is to find a producer/sponsorship to help me fund the Tree Hugger Travel Documentary Series for PBS. Check out the Tree Hugger travel Website for more information. Who knows what will happen next. Life is many things including a fun adventure!

4. I strive to live lightly on the Earth: I eat low on the food chain, garden, recycle, bicycle and create art out of up-cycled materials. I love being in nature. I would like to have a Tree House & live off the grid in 10 years.

5. I collect many things including: world music, my friends artwork, religious icons, teapots and clothes.

6. If you let me pick what’s for dinner I’d select something Indian, Lebanese, Thai or Japanese . . .

7. I began Blogging several years ago after I got laid off from my job teaching video production and World Cinema in the middle of a semester. I did not see that coming! My creative outlets, like Blogging, helped me transition into the next stage of my life! This former art instructor feels the need to say, Keep the Arts in Public Schools! Everyone benefits from taking time to be creative! Viva la Art!

I have two Blogs: this one, Petra Productions, a lens into my video, photography and new media business and my first Blog, Collector of Stories, A documentary makers media musings.

Check out my on-going list of notable documentary films:


The Stylish Blogger Award is a great way to network and share resources. I learn so much from my online creative community. My next task for accepting the award is to list 15 Blogs I find noteworthy. After much consideration these are the 15 blogs that I find helpful, creative, thoughtful and inspiring!

Congratulations folks you have also won the Stylish Blogger Award!
















Rules for accepting this award are:

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded it to you. Take all the time you need!

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

3. Pay it forward to 15 recently discovered great bloggers.

4. Contact those bloggers and tell them about their Blog Award!