Friday, October 23, 2015

           Creative Packages from Petra Daher Productions 

Create a family heirloom and pass memories down from generation to generation. Preserve family stories and history or capture a family reunion or special event on professional quality digital video.

The Interview Process
I will provide you with a list of questions to review and select from. This gives you the opportunity to think about your answers and to remember your stories. In a relaxed environment of your choice you will be guided through an interview from the pre selected questions. The videographer, using state- of-the-art digital equipment, records the interview. For an additional fee, the video can then be edited adding titles, photographs, music and other visuals. The resulting package is a custom DVD to be cherished! Multiple copies can be ordered. 

The Life Story Interview
Share life experience, words of wisdom, family stories, values, and much more. Your Biography video can be enhanced with personal photos, music and other visuals. This is the perfect holiday or anniversary gift. Don’t wait until the memories are lost. 

The Soul Mate Interview
A happy couple inspires everyone! This is similar to The Life Story Interview but relates the journey of a couple. We film the couple together, and explore where they met, how they fell in love, how they raised their family and what their views on the world are. 


Filming On the Town
This is a fun one. We follow an individual or couple out in the world and film them as they do things they love to do. We can go to a variety of places like parks, baseball games, grandchildren’s graduations and much more. Part of this package can be combined with one of the previous two packages.

KTV Kids Television presents Kids on Video
Parents and Grandparents, do you love to take the kids in for yearly photographs? Here's a new way to preserve a stage of your special child’s life. In a fun, relaxed atmosphere, your child will delight in telling their stories, in giving their opinions, and expressing their uniqueness. A child friendly, skilled interviewer will discover your child's personality and talents. What will you discover about your child?

Filmmaking 101
Learn the basics of DSLR Filmmaking. Practice camera work, story development and video editing. Then upload it to You Tube.

The Video Tribute
Here's a great unique gift for special person during their milestone event. Coordinate the honoree, friends and family to record a story about the honoree. Stories will be edited with music and graphics and you will get a DVD to present to the honoree on the special occasion. You'll love seeing the look on their face as they watch their video!

The Sports, Artist or Music Portfolio
Are you preparing to apply for college or a job and need a video portfolio of your skill? Are you a musician who wants to post a performance on You Tube to get more gigs? Do you want to enter a contest, but have to send in a videotape example? We can take existing footage that you have and assemble it together or attend an event or event(s)to capture and create an unforgettable video montage, demonstration or performance.

The Photo Montage Music Video
Celebrate a Memorial, Bar Mitzvah, QuinceaƱera or Wedding Engagement by creating a music video of your favorite photos throughout the years. It could be a romantic montage of the couple throughout their romance or a heartwarming chronology of the special persons life and special achievements. We will edit up to 75 Photographs (digital, paper photos, awards, etc) with special effects and graphics to the music of your choice.  

Looking for the perfect gift?  Gift certificates are available!  Contact me for a list of packages & prices.
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