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What is Digital Video?

Digital Video 101
What is the DV format?

Although "DV" technically stands for "Digital Video", DV normally refers to a specific video format. Its specifications include a 5:1 signal compression ratio, a 4:1:1 color sampling ratio, 720 x 480 pixel resolution, 25 megabits-per-second (Mbps) data rate and a general overall picture quality quite similar to BetacamSP.

What about DVCAM and DVCPRO? DV (sometimes called MiniDV to help differentiate it), Sony DVCAM and Panasonic DVCPRO all have the same picture quality, as they all use the same DV video signal format. DVCAM and DVCPRO tapes are larger, can hold longer tape lengths and move faster through the camera during recording (which renders the tape less susceptible to noticeable playback errors from wear-and-tear damage). Because the DVCAM and DVCPRO formats are targeted at more professional users, these cameras typically sport better optics and accessories (and a higher price tag) than most MiniDV-format cameras.

What's the major advantage of shooting in DV? Not only does DV look good, it's also completely digital. This feature allows you to edit your footage (either deck-to-deck or by using a nonlinear video editing workstation) without any loss in picture quality. Typically, analog formats such as VHS and Hi-8 lose significant quality after repeated transfers/duplications; DV does not suffer this problem.

Are there any disadvantages to using DV instead of other video formats? Only if you're comparing DV to higher-end digital video formats (including Digital Betacam, D-9, Digital-S, D-3, D-1, HDCAM and so forth). These formats are not compressed 5:1 and are therefore capable of a better-looking picture (in the hands of an experienced camera crew, of course).

What's the difference between a 1CCD and 3CCD DV camera? Cameras with one CCD (charge-coupled device) rely on a single sensor to capture light patterns from all three primary video colors (red/green/blue). Cameras with 3CCDs utilize one sensor per color, however, and are therefore able to produce noticeably higher-quality images. You will most likely find a steep price division between 1CCD and 3CCD cameras (of any video format type).

What is the shooting ratio?

The shooting ratio of a film or video is the ratio between the total duration of its footage shot and that which results from its final "cut". A film with a shooting ratio of 2:1 would have shot twice the amount of footage that was used in the film. In real terms this means that 120 minutes of footage would have been shot to produce a film of 60 minutes in length.
Shooting ratios can vary greatly between productions but a typical shooting ratio for a production using film stock will be between 6:1 and 10:1, whereas a similar production using video is likely to be much higher. This is a direct result of the significant difference in price between video tape stock and film stock and the necessary processing.

Video and Film Vocabulary

Video and Film Terms that may be helpful from the Internet

Using these terms will help you to analyse and explain moving image sequences in film, television or advertising.

Camera Terms:
What’s included and excluded in an individual shot.

Very long shot/wide shot
A shot in which figures appear small in the landscape. Often used at the beginning of a film or sequence as an ‘establishing shot’ to show where the action is taking place; also used to make a figure appear small or isolated.

Long shot
A shot in which a figure can be seen from head to toe.

Medium shot
Shows the figure from approximately the waist to the head. In a mid shot, you can easily recognize an individual but you can also see what they are doing with their hands.

Medium close up
From chest to head

Head and shoulders, enabling you to easily see facial expressions, so you can see what characters are thinking and feeling

Big close up
Head only, used when expressions are important

Extreme close-up
From just above the eyebrows to just below the mouth, or even closer: used to emphasise facial expression or to make the subject appear threatening.

Other useful terms for shots are:
Two Shot
Any shot with two people in it

Point of view shot
A shot from a character’s point of view

Reaction shot
A shot showing a character’s expression as they react to something

A type of reaction shot used in interviews, where we see the interviewer apparently reacting to the interviewee

Over-the-shoulder shot
A shot in which we see a character over another’s shoulder, often used in interviews or dialogues

Depth of field
This means how much of the shot seems to be in focus, in front of and behind the subject.

Deep Focus
Everything in the shot appears to be in focus, which means that we can be looking at action taking place in the foreground, middle ground and background.

Shallow focus
Isolates the subject from the background.

Camera position
Where the camera is in relation to the subject.

Low angle shot
The camera points upwards, usually making the subject or setting seem grand or threatening.

High angle shot
The camera looks down, making the subject look vulnerable or insignificant.

Bird’s eye shot
Looks vertically down at the subject.

Camera movements:
Moving the camera itself towards or away from the subject, or to follow a moving subject. (Not to be confused with a zoom, where the camera’s lens is varied to give the impression of moving closer to, or away from the subject.)
Pivoting the camera to the side to scan a scene or to follow a moving subject.
Whip pan
A sudden, fast pan.
Pivoting the camera vertically up or down.
Moving the camera in an arc around the subject.
Crane shot
A shot where the camera itself moves up or down.
Hand-held shot
This is used to convey a sense of immediacy.

How the individual shots are put together.
There are two main types of editing which you will encounter in mainstream films and TV programmes:

Continuity editing
The majority of film sequences are edited so that time seems to flow, uninterrupted, from shot to shot. Within a ‘continuity editing’ sequence, only cuts will be used. Continuity editing can also involve ‘cross-cutting’, where a sequence cuts between two different settings where action is taking place at the same time.

In montage, different images are assembled to build up an impression. This is often used in title sequences. The most famous example of this technique is the Odessa Steps sequence from Battleship Potemkin.

Editing can vary both in pace (how long individual shots stay on the screen for) and in the transitions between shots.

Transitions describe the way in which one shot replaces the previous one:

One image is suddenly replaced by another, without a visible transition.

One image dissolves into another. This can be used to make a montage sequence - eg the title sequence - flow smoothly; it can also be used in continuity editing to show that we have moved forwards in time and/or space.

Fade up
An image gradually fades in

Fade out
An image gradually fades out.
Fades to and from black usually mean that time has passed

One image replaces another without dissolving, with the border between the images moving across or around the screen.

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Daher Digital Video Information Questionnaire

If you are thinking about having an educational video, instructional video, documentary, film, Internet video, public service announcement, commercial, music video, or art or sport portfolio made and would like a price quote these are some questions that you need to answer in order for me to give you a realistic quote. Vision and organization are two key components of a quality video production.

Please describe what video service you are in need of? What do you want to do?

What is the budget you’re aiming for?

What format do you want to use? DV, HD, Film, Not Sure?

Can you tell me more about the event, project or story that needs to be filmed?
Where, When, type of event, When you want the finished project done, etc.

If it is an event what speakers or audio will need to be recorded?

Will anyone be interviewed? Who and about what? Who will conduct the interview?

What type of location did you have in mind? Studio or on Location. If on location where?

Will the video production be scripted or just point and shoot footage of a live event?

Do you have a list of what you want covered? Sometimes called a Shot Sheet?

Will lights be needed?

Will wireless microphones be needed?

Is there a script for narration and editing or will you need us to create one?

Do you have graphics or logos that are video ready or do you need for them to be created? Graphics include credits, info pages, lower thirds, identification of speakers or subtitles for example.

Is there any voice over needed on the final product?

Total number of locations or events that need to be videotaped?

Video Content that needs to be covered to fulfill your goal?

Will you want music added under credits, interviews or footage? Will you provide it or purchase copyrighted music from our library?

Who will provide the narration for the production? Who will write it?

How many copies would you like?

Interested in special packaging for the DVD's or info about mass duplication?

Do you want to put the final product on the Internet? On You Tube for example?

When do you hope to have this project completed?

Who will create the script? Do they have experience with video scripting?

Desired length of project?

What style are you looking for? Examples: Interviews, On Camera Host, voice over, MTV style with quick editing . . .

What are some example of finished products that you would like to model your project after?

Thanks for your time! Now, email this to me and I will get back to you as soon as possible with a quote!

Petra Daher Productions Estimated Rates for Services

Estimated Rates for Service
(517) 487-2889
Petra Daher, Producer, Director, New Media Specialist

Are you considering producing a video but are not sure where to start? Let us walk you through the process. We can help you research, organize and script your project so that you can create the product that you want within your budget.

Digital Video Production
Documentaries, Promotional videos, Depositions, Insurance Inventories, Special events, Genealogies
Music videos, Dramatic Production, Editing, Writing, Script writing, Talent (on air & voice over)

Video Production Instruction
Interested in video? Adult and student curriculum's are available. Let a certified video production teacher guide you through the creation of a documentary, digital editing or videography. Or sign up for a class to learn how to interview or communicate with the media.

Estimated Video Production Rates For Greater Lansing Area

Digital Video Camera & Operator
$100. Hour
Producing/Project/Media Consultation
$65. Hour
Script Development
$50. Hour
Videotape editing
$100. Hour
Boom or Lavaliere Microphone
$10. -$25 an Hour
$45. Hour
(Writing and recording)
$40. Hour
$15. Up to 1 hour
Digital Photography
$65. to 100. an hour depending on type of project and location

Petra Daher is an independent video producer, director, videographer, editor, photographer and Media Education Instructor. Her work has been seen public, cable and educational television and at schools, seminars, community centers and film festivals.

This just a quote. Rates may change according to the market and location. If your are interested in High Definition Video Production Rates e-mail me for a quote. Day Rates are available for longer projects.

Non-Profit and Artist Discounts are available for first time clients.
Personal Release Form

I give Petra Daher, Petra Productions, Daher Digital Video, and their successors and assigns my unrestricted permission to use my artwork, voice, music, and or image for either still photographs, film, video or live productions.


Name (please print)__________________________________




Date and year:________________________________________

Signature of guardian if under18:

Witnessed by:________________________________________


Copyright Petra Daher, Petra Productions/Petra Daher Productions 2010

Petra's Filmography

M. Petra Daher

Tree Hugger Travel is a series of travelogues I created and produced for the Internet that promotes Eco-friendly travel adventures.

Episode One
“Tree Hugger Travel Presents: Sayulita
2008 TRT: 15 minutes
M. Petra Daher Producer Director, Writer,Reporter, Videographer
Tree Hugger Travel visits the quaint village of Sayulita, located in Nayarit, Mexico. Located 30 minutes from the Puerto Vallarta airport, Sayulita is a charming beach town that offers excellent food, surfing, fishing, music and a thriving art community. With the help of local guides we explore the highlights of this seaside pueblo and experience a taste of rural Mexico with a twist.

The Festival of Guadalupe

Episode 2
“Tree Hugger Travel Presents: Aloha Alive a tour of Oahu and Maui”
Currently in Post Production

The Makapuu Lighthouse

"The Odds are Good and Goods are Odd”
2006 trt: 28:00
M. Petra Daher Producer, Director, Writer, Reporter
Avid traveler, Petra Daher, hosts a trip through south central Alaska during summer solstice, when there is 18-21 hours a day of sunlight. Her video diary captures breathtaking nature, travel advice as well as testimonials from 14 Alaskan people. Highlights include Denali National Park, and the towns of Girdwood and Homer.

Denali National Park Petra at Crow Creek Goldmine

“Courage Under Fire Exposing the Occupation”
2004 trt: 28:46
M. Petra Daher Producer, Director, Reporter, Editor
A documentary about the International Solidarity Movement (ISM); a movement calling for international volunteers to support the Palestinian Nonviolence Movement. The documentary introduces us to the group’s Jewish co-founder and spokesperson, Adam Shapiro. Interviews with Shapiro, other ISM volunteers and Michigan Peace Team members reveal the dangerous and very important work of international peace workers. The film includes the story and a call to action for slain ISM volunteer Rachel Corrie, an American college student who trampled by an Israeli bulldozer, while trying to guard a Palestinian physician’s home from being demolished.

“Freedom of Speech: Michigan Says No to War”
2004 trt: 55:11
M. Petra Daher Producer, Director, Reporter, Editor
A visual essay of the Michigan Peace Movement responding to war, featuring anti-war protests held over the past two years. The events documented include The Mid Michigan March for Peace, held in solidarity with the National March on January 18, 2003. The statewide march, Michigan Says No to War, including a Direct Action Breakaway March on February 15, 2003. Michigan Still Says No to War held on March 15, 2003 featuring Rep. Michael Murphy. Concluding with Global Day Against War and Occupation on March 20th, 2004.

“First World Refugees”
1995 trt: 20 min
M. Petra Daher Producer/ Director/Camera/Editor
This story is a look into the unique ways of the Rainbow tribe, featuring the Oregon Regional Rainbow Gathering. Did you know that every year activists, academics, students and every day people build temporary villages on federal Forest Land in random locations throughout the U.S.A.? This free event is based on teamwork and inclusion.
Screened at the East Lansing Film Festival 1999

“Snake Rodeo”
1995 trt: 4 min
M. Petra Daher Producer / Director/ Camera /Editor
A mini documentary about a unique Art Fair previously held in Lansing’s Old Town. The video spotlights the local artists who created the event and the beginnings of a neighborhood in transition.

“The Unity Coalition”
1994 trt: 8 min
M. Petra Daher Producer, Director, Reporter, Editor
How did the city of Lansing respond to a planned KKK Rally at the state Capitol? They formed a group called the Unity Coalition and planned alternative events honoring diversity the day before and after the event. This mini-documentary features interviews with several participants and footage of the alternative ceremony that they developed.

“T-shirts And Identity”
1992 trt: 8:10
M.Petra Daher Producer / Director/ Camera /Editor
A comical look at the status of the T-Shirt in American society. Once a measly under garment, now a political statement, souvenir and uniform. People share their favorite t-shirts and reveal much more than that.

“Yoga:Working Within Yourself”
1989 trt: 27:06
M. Petra Daher Producer/Director/Editor
This documentary is narrated by four yoga teachers, Dharma Shakti, Amar Gupta, Clint Lockhart, and Alexandria Summit. The practitioners share how the practice of Hatha Yoga influenced and enhanced their lives.

Educational Documentaries
Documentaries produced, directed and edited for The Safe Schools/ Healthy Student Initiative include:

“What is the Safe Schools/ Healthy Student Initiative?”
2000 trt: 13:43

“Conflict Managers: Kids helping Kids”
2001 trt: 3:18

“Teaching Tolerance”
2002 trt: 24:00

“Setting Limits with Your Kids"
2002 trt: 30:00

“Viking Vanguard: Everett High School Television”
2004 trt: 30 min

Independent film, Broadcast Journalism, Documentaries, Mocumentaries, PSA’s and Live Productions with a 3 camera portable video studio. Six thirty minute programs a school year.

Petra Daher is an independent video producer, director, videographer, editor, reporter and Media Education Instructor. Her specialization is Observational Documentary. Her work has been seen on cable, public and educational television, at schools and community centers and at Film Festivals. In 2004, her anti-war protest footage from Lansing’s Michigan Says No to War rally appeared in a music video for The System of the Down’s song, “Boom”, directed by Michael Moore. Petra is seeking distribution for her independently produced Eco- friendly travelogue series called, Tree Hugger Travel.

Vocational Teaching Certification, Radio and Television Production,
Western Michigan University, 2001

Bachelor of Arts with Honors
Interdisciplinary Humanities: Telecommunications, English and History
Michigan State University, 1992

When Petra is not producing her own projects or teaching, she has worked with clients throughout the United States to assist in the creation of quality video and film production.


Bright Light Entertainment

Dog Eat Dog Films

Greater Lansing Artspace

Jazzy Tam Films

Lansing School District

Lansing Community College

Michigan Environmental Council

Michigan Wildlife Conservancy

Points of Light Foundation

Radio Free America

Safe Schools/ Healthy Student Initiative

Sierra Club/ Michigan Chapter

TurnHere Internet Video

Video 360

Petra in Homer, Alaska

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What I Can Do For You: Video Production, Photography, Workshops & Multi-Media Services

Petra Daher Productions

Contact: Petra Daher
New Media Consultant, Producer, Director, Instructor
(517) 487-2889

Are you considering producing a video but are not sure where to start? Let us walk you through the process. We can help you research, organize and script your project so that you can create the product that you want within your budget.

Digital Video Production
Including: Documentaries, Promotional Videos, Depositions, Insurance Inventories, Special Events, Genealogies Music Videos, Dramatic Production, Production Coordination, Editing, Writing, Script Writing, Talent (on air & voice over)

Creative Packages from Daher Digital Video

Create a family heirloom. Pass memories down from generation to generation by capturing them on digital video. Preserve family stories and history or capture a family reunion or special event on professional quality digital video.

The Process
Depending on the package you select, I will provide you with a list of questions to review. This gives you the opportunity to think about your answers and to remember your stories. A pre-interview will be set up for us to prepare for the videotaped interview. In a relaxed environment of your choice you will be guided through a life interview from pre-selected questions. The videographer, using state- of-the-art digital equipment, records the interview. For an additional fee the video can then edited; adding titles, photographs and other visuals. The resulting package is a custom DVD to be cherished! Multiple copies can be ordered.

The Life Story Interview
Share life experience, words of wisdom, family stories, and much more. Your video can be enhanced with personal photos and other visuals. This is the perfect holiday gift. Don’t wait until the memories are lost.

Kid’s on Video
Parents and Grandparents, do you love to take the kids in for yearly photographs? Here's a new way to preserve a stage of your special child’s life. In a fun, relaxed atmosphere, your child will delight in telling their stories, in giving their opinions, and expressing their uniqueness. A child friendly, skilled interviewer will discover your child's personality and talents. What will you discover about your child?

Ethical Will
Looking for an opportunity to record your beliefs, intentions, values, and wishes for the benefit of loved ones? An ethical will -- unlike your last will and testament -- is a structured way to leave a non-material legacy.

Video Tribute
Here's a great unique gift for the honoree. Coordinate friends and family to record a story about the honoree. Stories will be edited and written to DVD for you to present to the honoree on the special occasion. You'll love seeing the look on their face as they watch their video!

Sports or Music Portfolio
Are you preparing to apply for college and need a video portfolio of your skill? Do you want to post something on YouTube but need video help? Do you want to enter a contest, but have to send in a videotape example? We can take existing footage that you have and assemble it together or attend an event or event(s)to capture and create an unforgettable video montage, demonstration or performance.

Video Production Instruction
Interested in video? Adult and student curriculums are available. Let a certified video production teacher guide you through the creation of a Music Video, Documentary, Digital Editing or Videography. Or sign up for a class: “How to Communicate with the Media”, “Movie Making Boot Camp” “Improvisational Movie Making Challenge” or “Video for the Web”

Online Marketing, New Media Training, Project Management or Event Planning
Including: Films, special events, parties, conferences, online social networking, workshops, and fundraisers.

Fluent in many writing styles including grant writing, television scripting, journalism, essays and creative writing

Digital Photography
Including: Photojournalism, event documentation, portraits and digital images for the web.

Blog Design and Site Management
A Blog is an on-line journal or newsletter. It is an easy and inexpensive way to promote your product, business or mission. Set up could include a biography, price list, services offered, links, a calendar of events, pictures and even background music!

Here is an example of a Blog I designed for a small business owner:


Workshop Menu For Creative People
Digital Video, Multi-Media, Storytelling, Mask & Puppet Theater

Sign up for a class from Petra’s Movie Making Boot Camp including Music Video 101, Documentary Film, Digital Editing or Videography.

Or experience the magic of storytelling by exploring paper mache, collage, playwriting, puppet and mask making & street and puppet theater. Adult and student workshops are available.

Video Production Instruction
Improvisational Movie Making Challenge: Teams work together to make a movie in two hours. I provide the script and support. Afterwards the finished projects will be screened, DVD copies will be available for $12. each. For a script example and photographs of a past event, check out Indie’s Birthday Challenge.

Video for the Web: Work with a video producer to plan, organize and create a video for your website, a pod cast or to promote your business.

KTV Kid’s Television: A one to 8-week program including script writing, graphic making, basic video production and interview and newscast exercises. The young people will learn the steps of video production by creating a video rotating roles like camera person, interviewer, special guest and audio.

Mini-Documentary Workshop: a 4 to 8 week workshop. Students get the opportunity to make documentary, hands on with an experienced Director. Participants will select a topic, develop a script, and learn basic video production skills such as how to set up and run a camera, how to conduct an interview and techniques for using natural light.

Multi-media Workshops
Writing: Start by decorating a decoupage journal for your writing. Then I will provide ideas and exercises for exploring journaling, poetry and creative writing. Participants will select their favorite works and that will be used in the creation of group Zine or Blog.

Digital Photography 101: Bring your camera and learn about the basics of photojournalism, nature photography, portraits and taking digital images for the web. This will be a hands on learning experience. Take pictures, view them and discuss.

Digital Photography Photo taking Marathon: Fun for the entire family. An exercise in teamwork and creativity. Groups receive a list of people, places and things they must photograph. The team that completes the list first within the designated area and time frame wins. The event concludes with popcorn, a viewing of the photos and lots of laughter

Blog Design: Learn how to make a Blog. A Blog is an on-line journal or newsletter. It is an easy and inexpensive way to promote your art, product, business or mission. Set up could include a biography, price list, services offered, photographs, links, a calendar of events, pictures and even background music!

Community Storytelling
The Storytelling Throne: In this two hour workshop the group creates and decorates a storytelling throne and use a talking stick to practice storytelling and theater games, culminating with everyone having the chance to share a story or perform at the throne.

Mask and Puppet Making: Practice basic puppet making skills using recycled materials and creativity. Projects could include garbage art sculpture, paper mache masks, musical instruments, finger, stick, and sock puppets. Impromptu performances encouraged.

Shebang! A creative circle for woman. An inter-generational experience including honesty, storytelling, role-playing, nutrition, life maps, yoga, drumming, video diaries, photography, writing, art, and guest artists. Four to six week workshops

Organizing Giant Puppet Parades, Spectacles and Street Theater
View a collection of books, photos and video footage of Giant Puppetry, Street Theater and Parades in the USA, including Alien Frontier (Lansing) Wise Fool (San Francisco) and In the Heart of the Beast (Minneapolis) to explore the potential of performance options. Two-hour workshop

Making Giant Puppet on a Budget
Learn techniques for planning a parade, spectacle or performance and techniques for making giant puppets and accessories on a budget. 4 to six week workshops

Examples of Giant Puppets by Little Artshram Puppets

E-mail Petra at dahervideo@yahoo.com for more details, to schedule a workshop, or for a price quote.