Friday, January 22, 2016

Photography Exhibit by Petra Daher and Tree Hugger Travel

What is Tree Hugger Travel? 
A Special Ongoing Documentary Series

Tree Hugger Travel is a source for thoughtful travelers.  The photographs, podcasts, documentaries and website created by Petra Daher Productions are an entertaining and informative resource for the busy professional, retiree or student, who when time permits, transforms into a trailblazer.  Tree Hugger Travel presents highlights and tips about specific travel destinations. Experienced hosts guide the viewer on short yet informative adventures.  Tree Hugger Travel showcases an area, providing tips on affordable and environmentally friendly travel options.  We research and review what the locals and experts consider the best entertainment options in an area. Tree Hugger Travel is a good source for trip planning or just daydreaming.

The Tree Hugger Travel Philosophy: 
Explore, learn about and celebrate the world around you with the purpose of being a responsible world citizen who travels in a respectful and low impact manner while supporting local economy and community.

Exhibit Title:
Tree Hugger Travel Michigan “Following the Deer Trail” Nature and Travel Photography by M. Petra Daher

Technical Statement: 
I filmed clips and captured photographs for an upcoming documentary and travel guide about  Michigan for my travel series, Tree Hugger Travel.  These images were captured using natural light during various times of the day with minimal photo editing. I used a Canon cameras and a Canon EFS 18-135 mm lens in various locations throughout the state of Michigan.

Artist Statement for Tree Hugger Travel Michigan “Following the Deer Trail”:  
Michigan offers incredible culture and natural beauty in every county of the state.   Exploring Michigan’s beautiful landscape, beaches and architecture have always been a source of strength and inspiration for me.

After the loss of several family members in 2015, I was seeking out special places as a way to comfort myself.   I explored “charged’ places including: Grand Haven, New Era, Little Platte Lake, Sleeping Bear Dunes, Torch Lake, Mackinaw City and Lansing’s beautiful River Trail. Capturing these photographs was part of a healing process for me.

I hope these images awaken something deep and wild inside of you. From sunrise to sunset …every day is an opportunity to experience beauty and joy. The most beautiful things are off the beaten path, so when adventuring in Michigan follow the deer trail!

To view the exhibit:
Please visit the Michigan Economic Development Fund’s Pure Michigan Building, 300 North Washington Square, Lansing, Michigan from 8-5, Monday- Friday, through April 12, 2016. Sponsored by Michigan ArtShare.

All images are for sale.  For more information go to:

Check back for information about a "Meet the Artist" event.  I will present along with two other Michigan artists sponsored by Michigan Artshare.

I will be showing some video postcards from Oregon and Michigan from my Tree Hugger Travel Series. Please share the information and thank you for your support of the Michigan art and storytelling community!

"Hiding in the Dunegrass" This exhibit is dedicated to my Mother.  Thank you for nurturing my creativity and love for nature.