Tuesday, May 19, 2020

The Reel Women's Network

In Peace We Trust Nonviolence - The Next Great Revolution is an inspiring half-hour documentary exploring the mission and philosophy of the Meta Peace Team.  Learn how co-founder C. Peter Dougherty and team members have used and shared active nonviolence techniques as alternatives to militarism over the past 25 years in The United States and abroad​.

Hello Friends,
Thanks for visiting.  2020 has been a year of change and new beginnings.  COVID-19 interrupted everyone’s plans and the pandemic is forcing all of us to be safe and creative.  I was working with the Meta Peace Team to organize a summer tour for my last documentary In Peace We Trust, and like so many public events we had to postpone the tour.  So when I heard from the Reel Women’s Network a new online streaming service showcasing content made by women I was excited to be a part of this important and much needed new network.  In Peace We Trust is now available on RWN!
I have great respect for the women behind The Reel Women’s Network.  It was created by Open book Productions and Bella Productions.  They understand why creating an outlet for women (and men) to support women in film and media is so important. 

Why is it important to support women in film? 

Only 13.5% of films
distributed in 2019 by
the top 8 distributors
were helmed by
*Source: USC Anaheim's Inclusion Initiative. 2017-2019 Inclusion at Film Festivals. 5

Power in Numbers
Approximately 54% of
the World Population is

Director’s Chair
In 2019, Men
outnumbered Women in
the Director’s chair
20 to 1.

Female Creators?
Women accounted for
only 31% of ALL
creators, directors,
writers, producers,
editors, and directors of
photography working on
broadcast network, cable
and streaming programs.
*source: Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film

Women of Color
Only 40% of 2019’s Top
100 Films featured a
Female Protagonist
*source: The Annenberg Foundation

To screen In Peace We Trust, or to learn more about RWN please visit www.reelwomensnetwork.com and while you're there check out the incredible collection of free content, pay per view or subscribe for full access.  RWN went live  this month and they're adding new content daily.  To learn more about me and the film visit https://www.petradaher.com/in-peace-we-trust.html .  Thanks for the support!
In peace, Petra

More about The Reel Women's Network from their website

It's all about the women.
The Reel Women’s Network is an online streaming service that showcases films, shows, web series, documentaries and digital content created by WOMEN and Women-Identified filmmakers and content creators.
Bringing a fresh perspective to the world of streaming, the Reel Women’s Network advances the unique voice of Women Filmmakers and Creators to Viewers Worldwide.
The Reel Women’s Network team brings together years of production and content management experience, as well as thousands of viewers and subscribers.
Our goal is to support and promote Independent Projects by Women and help grow their audiences.