Monday, August 24, 2015

My Weekend Adventure

Sierra Club Michigan Chapter Annual Retreat 
Camp Miniwancha on Lake Michigan
New Era, Michigan 

My Adventure 

Day One: Watched an incredible sunset on Lake Michigan, star gazed and saw Saturn under a telescope with Bob Victor, Watched the Moon turn Red and fade into the horizon, Saw a Shooting Star and Slept in a Rustic Cabin... 

Day Two: Swam in Lake Michigan, went to Lake Burt to Canoe and Kayak, tubed down a creek with friends, saw the Moon under a telescope and enjoyed the Sierra Club Auction and Keynote Speaker Anne Woiwode, Sierra Club Conservation Director, relaxed by the beach till dark.... 

Day Three: Sat in a Adirondack Chair under a White Pine Tree, drank coffee and day dreamed, filmed the wild pre-storm waves at Lake Michigan, Went to 2 Sierra Club workshops, had lunch with the group and ran through the woods during a wild rain storm.