Friday, July 07, 2006

Petra Daher Productions Estimated Rates for Services

Estimated Rates for Service
(517) 487-2889
Petra Daher, Producer, Director, New Media Specialist

Are you considering producing a video but are not sure where to start? Let us walk you through the process. We can help you research, organize and script your project so that you can create the product that you want within your budget.

Digital Video Production
Documentaries, Promotional videos, Depositions, Insurance Inventories, Special events, Genealogies
Music videos, Dramatic Production, Editing, Writing, Script writing, Talent (on air & voice over)

Video Production Instruction
Interested in video? Adult and student curriculum's are available. Let a certified video production teacher guide you through the creation of a documentary, digital editing or videography. Or sign up for a class to learn how to interview or communicate with the media.

Estimated Video Production Rates For Greater Lansing Area

Digital Video Camera & Operator
$100. Hour
Producing/Project/Media Consultation
$65. Hour
Script Development
$50. Hour
Videotape editing
$100. Hour
Boom or Lavaliere Microphone
$10. -$25 an Hour
$45. Hour
(Writing and recording)
$40. Hour
$15. Up to 1 hour
Digital Photography
$65. to 100. an hour depending on type of project and location

Petra Daher is an independent video producer, director, videographer, editor, photographer and Media Education Instructor. Her work has been seen public, cable and educational television and at schools, seminars, community centers and film festivals.

This just a quote. Rates may change according to the market and location. If your are interested in High Definition Video Production Rates e-mail me for a quote. Day Rates are available for longer projects.

Non-Profit and Artist Discounts are available for first time clients.