Monday, November 08, 2010

Please visit Petra Production's New Website and Online Store

Petra Daher Production's has a new Web site and Web store please visit it and tell me what you think. I was excited to use Weebly to create two new Web sites in the past month.

Weebly is an online, free widget-based Web site creator, funded by micro-seed fund Y Combinator. Weebly also provides the option to create a blog or upgrade to Weebly Pro, for even more features, like a video and audio player and password protected pages. Weebly Pro is still a bargain!

I heard about Weebly during a great discussion on Linked -In. One of the groups I belong to, Visual Artists and their Advocates, debated the best way to make an affordable website for an Artist and in my opinion Weebly stood out as the winner. I found the platform to be easy to use, well supported and the group is open to suggestions.

Petra Production's Website will allow you to view portfolios of my video, documentary and photography work, request an estimate or place an order.

My web store will allow you to purchase my limited edition fine art photography or place a special order for Photography, Greeting Cards and eventually Documentaries and Educational video. Please visit:

I got so excited by Weebly that I also created a website for one of my projects, Tree Hugger Travel. Tree Hugger Travel is a source for travelers. The website, photographs, Podcasts and documentaries we create are an entertaining and informative resource for the busy professional, retiree or student, who when time permits, transforms into a trailblazer.

We will add new articles, videos and photos each month. Subscribe to Tree Hugger Travel and become a part of the Tree Hugger Travel Community. Weebly offers the ability to create a forum on your website. Please take part in the Tree Hugger Travel forum on our site. We are discussing permaculture and low impact travel techniques. Visit today and share the link with a travel loving, tree hugging friend!

I hope you find this information helpful thanks for visiting!