Wednesday, December 13, 2023

Happy December

Seasons Greetings, 

This year has been a good one, and I thank all of you for being a part of my creative journey. Petra Productions worked with clients producing Vodcasts, Educational Videos, Mini-documentaries, and Photography. I taught Digital Film, Music Video Production, Photography, and Puppetry workshops, and completed production on the documentary - Uniting People. 

Director Jane Rosemont's film, Acting Like Nothing is Wrong, about the actor Jim Hoffmaster screened at film festivals in the US and Abroad and won several awards. I'm proud to be the Michigan Director of Photography on that film. 

I'm also happy to share that I was one of the recipients of a 2023 Chris Clark Fellowship sponsored by the Arts Council of Greater Lansing! The grant will support my Photography work. I'm loving getting to know my new Canon Mirrorless Camera. The Clark Fellowship is one of the many grant opportunities offered to members of the Arts Council of Greater Lansing. I was also asked to be on their cool Podcast called Arts Roll Call hosted by Robin Miner-Swartz.  Find it on Apple Podcasts or Youtube if you want to learn more about me. 

If you are a creative in the Greater Lansing area, I recommend that you become a member of the council. For further information and detailed descriptions regarding the grant programs, please contact Taylor Haslett, membership and program manager at (517) 853-7582 or 

I hope you are feeling the magic of the season and you have a healthy and happy New Year!  



Here are a few images I created at Old Town's first Krampus Festival with my newest Canon Camera.